Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Real Story: Bad Mommy Moments

We all have them.  Well, if you don't, please don't let me know.  I assume we all have them.  Actually sometimes I wonder if Our Blessed Mother ever had them.  I know Our Queen of Heaven was without sin, but BMM's are not really sinful moments.

Bad Mommy Moments are those moments when we do something, well, embarrassingly bad.  

Like putting the sun tea in the back of the car instead of putting it on the porch.  
Or putting Preparation-H on the kids toothbrushes (on accident of course!) instead of toothpaste.
Or throwing a shoe because we spilled something.  
Or telling you kids they need to stop "acting like a bunch of children!" 
Or forgetting to drop your child off at school because you were sucked into a radio discussion on Dr McDreamy being killed off (and I don't even watch Grays Anatomy- I literally drove into the school parking lot and then out again before Anthony said "uh, mom, you need to stop and let me out"). 

Those are Bad Mommy Moments

My sister and I share those moments with one another.  We decided that such moments probably happened just so that we could share them.  It makes us all feel so much better to know that we are not the only ones who do ridiculous things on this journey of motherhood.

What is your most memorable Bad Mommy Moment? Make us all laugh!

Thanks for stopping by to laugh with me.

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