Welcome to my little corner in cyberspace about parenting, faith, and family. I am a sometimes blogger, and every-so-often speaker, an occasional writer, and an always-mama four growing kiddos. I love coffee, historical fiction, wine, dark chocolate and alone time which is hard to come by at this stage in life. I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, am a convert to the faith, and I believe the best parenting is informed and intentional drawing from both literature and real life. Each family is different. We have our own unique struggles and solutions, but we are all on the same journey with similar goals of raising great kids in the faith. I write about parenting because I believe mothers and fathers need support. Parenting is a lonely practice but also a very public practice which leaves us questioning if we are doing it well enough. I strive to provide content here that will help you think about your own parenting and support you in your parenting journey. 
If I were still in the academic world I would have an Academic Vita. Here is the short descriptive version...

I attended Scripps College, then did graduate school at ASU and studied in the College of Education as part of the Lifespan Human Development program. I finished up my coursework when I was pregnant with Anthony and finished up my dissertation when I was pregnant with J.R. My few professional publications span the areas of cognitive neuroscience and education. I have done research on adult cognitive aging and infant cognition both, on teacher stress, teacher preparation and adult literacy.

My undergraduate thesis was on infant habituation and critical periods of development, my graduate thesis was on identity development, and my dissertation was on the transition to parenthood, self- efficacy and knowledge of child development. I guess I am kind of an expert on nothing, but I know just a little about a lot that has to do with the part of human development that occurs in the head and heart. 

One of my main scholarly goals is to find a way to bridge the gap between what research shows and what parents do and know. I want to get the information out of the Ivory Tower and into the apartments and condos and houses of our mammas and papas.  I guess this little blog is my way of starting to do that.  

More about me…

I love to read. I can get cranky when I have a good book because I never want to stop. I try to read on the stationary bike because then I don't notice my sweating. 

I love to write.  
I try to write in the AM before the kids are up and the house is quiet or nap time.  
I get cranky when I have to stop writing too.

I love my kids.
I prefer my kids 1:1 to the group.  
Individually they ROCK - together they can be hard to handle! One might even say I can get cranky when I have them all together too...

I love being a mom. All crankiness aside. 
I can get a little indignant about the devaluation of the vocation of mothering. 

I am a Catholic through and through.
I was raised protestant but was called to the fullness of the faith in 2006.  
I am un-appologetically devout having researched and chosen the One True Church. 
I don't know everything there is to know but I am learning everyday. 

Professional Note:  The good photos (like the one above) were done by Whoa Nellie Photography. I love her.  Not only is she an amazing photographer (she totally captures the essence of the child!), she is a great mom (of 6) and wife too.  And an fabulous friend. It will be pretty clear on the blog if she took the photo (it will be good) or if I took the photo (not good). 
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