Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Mosts Posts for 2014

Happy NewYears!   I recently discovered that one thing bloggers often do at the end of the year is post a special recap, or highlights of the year.  A year in review or something of that nature.  This is my first New Years as a blogger, but I decided to give it a try with a "Mosts Posts". 

I have collected for you the Most Read, Most Commented on, Most Controversial, Most 'Missed' post etc.  Just click on the post title and it will take you to the post and you can check it out yourself if you wish.  The only one not there is the Post-Not-Written… that post would be the post How to Get Your Child to Eat Veggies.  I am still working on that post... Look for that next year maybe.

Most Read
God's Baby Shower  This was a heart warming post about a heart breaking topic.  This past year two of my friends have given birth to and then buried their babies.  Both Baby Leo and Baby Lily were born with anacephaly.  They were born about 6 months apart to two different beautiful, strong, faithful and loving mothers.  Their mothers carried them to term and then delivered them with full knowledge that if they survived delivery, they would likely not live much past their "birth-day".   The post here is about the baby shower we threw for Leo's mother shortly before she delivered Leo.  Lily's story has been told beautifully by her own mother who blogged through out the pregnancy (click here for that story). 

Most Controversial
Daycare Vs. Mother care: Neglecting the researcher and putting stay-at-home moms in the crosshairs. Well I am not sure what to say on this one.  I opened a can of worms.  Anytime you criticize a political figure you are going to tick someone off.  My main point (as pointed out in the subtitle), is that we should let research guide our decisions.  Plus I wrote it while I was mad. I really do feel the need to defend women's decision to stay-at-home.  As a very highly educated woman, I don't think we throw away our education when we spend most of our day raising our kids.  So yes, this post got some people mad but it was bound to no matter what I said, just because the topic is so touchy! Which is why I think it is SO essential that people understand the research and don't make purely emotionally driven decisions or arguments. But then that is THE major of the point of this blog -  To bridge the gap between research and the home!

Most Commented On
Daycare Vs. Mother care: Neglecting the researcher and putting stay-at-home moms in the crosshairs.

Runner up for Most Commented On
Shamefully Shoeless  This is the post that started it all and got me into blogging on my own site. What is it about parenting that makes strangers think they have the right to barge in ?

Most Difficult to Write
Laying Flint to Rest  I hope this doesn't sound ridiculous, but after 14 years with our pooch it was heartbreaking to lay him to rest.   This post is about how to go about making the choice to put an animal to sleep.  

Most Funny
Nit-Picking on Mother's Day  I am not by nature a very funny person. I have a good sense of humor I think, but it is more of a dry humor.  I like British comedy and Physical comedy.  Both Faulty Towers and I Love Lucy crack me up.  But me, myself personally, not one for jokes.  But this post was funny and maybe it is my only funny post!

Most Missed
No Pushing or Shoving - Knowing when to back off your kids
The Importance of Teaching Delayed Gratification

I loved both of these posts. The second gets a little heavy into the research but both give concrete things that you can do to improve your parenting. I am not sure why this got missed by many viewers but it is worth checking out. 

Most Brainy
Unlocking the Pre-teen and Adolescent Brain  I love this one because it points out that kids at this age are basically brain damaged.  My husband and I need that reminder when we see what our young man-child does sometimes!  He is getting used to us calling him brain damaged but he read the post so he gets the joke.  

Most Resonating
Image Crafting  This post has stayed with me for a while now.  Whenever I post photos I think of this post and wonder if I am, to any degree, contributing to unhealthy image crafting.  I think writing it has helped me stay honest in my portrayal of our life. 

And that wraps is up for this year!  I will have lots of good stuff for 2015 God willing.  I am going to try to figure out how to use photos better and will work on improving the site a little.   I am going to do some link-ups with other great bloggers and have a few guest posts too.   Please pray for me in the coming year... I will be praying for you!  Thanks for stopping by and for supporting this growing blog!

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