Monday, April 14, 2014

God's Baby Shower

This week my friend Splendid* and I hosted a baby shower, or I guess the better way of saying it is we co-hosted the shower with God.  This shower was really different - everything was different.  The people present were different, the gifts were different, the activities were different.  But the biggest difference was that this shower was for a mom who's  baby who isn't going to live much past his due date.

You see little baby Leo was diagnosed with anencepahly.  It is a scary neural tube defect that prevents the skull from forming.  It is not as uncommon as we would want it to be, but the vast majority of women whose babies receive the diagnosis abort their children.  Carrying the child to term, as Fiat* is doing, is a courageous stand to accept the life of your children as you are given it.  They are ours for just a short time and baby Leo will be with her for just a brief time.  But while still in utero he is ALIVE and rather than saying goodbye to him before his time is up she is choosing to let God 'go the whole nine yards' and deliver Leo to her arms before he leaves this world for the next.  Fiat's story is beautiful but let's wait until Leo is born to tell that story from start to finish (Leo's Story).

Today we will talk about the shower…

I say that this is God's baby shower because of the peace I felt with every step of the planning.  Having 25-30 women in my home, most for the first time, can be a little stressful (image crafting anyone?).  But this time all I felt was peace in this area.  The other areas of my life were a little scary but that is a different post for a different day.

Like most showers we had food and more food and teas and lemonade.  We had time to sit around and chat and we had a little craft.

Splendid had made a quilt for Leo and Fiat, so we had the chance to write a special message to her and the baby - something inspirations, scriptural, comforting - whatever.  She can have this with her at the hospital or at home after he is born.  What ever works for her.

Rather than gifts for Fiat, we had people bring diapers for 1st Way Pregnancy Center and the director of the center joined us for the shower and took the gifts with her at the end of the afternoon.

The biggest thrill I think for us all however was the fact that two of the women at the shower shared their talents with us.  One is the music director at our parish and the other is a women who lead us in prayer time.  We all circled up and spent over an hour in prayer, songs of thanksgiving, and beautiful authentic conversation.

Fiat shared details of her journey. We had a wonderful forum to ask her sensitive questions in a loving environment.  She shared her how she has moved from being a private person to being a woman willing to share this story as it unfolds. She is couragous and inspiring.

We found at the end of the day our cups were filled, our hearts were open, and our arms wide to support our friend.  She even said she was energized at the end!

Many of us entered this prayer shower on edge.  We were nervous and didn't know what to expect. I had never had a 'praise & worship' party.  Not many of us grow up doing that.  I was honestly shocked to see 25 women come.  But we surrendered to the Lord and His Grace overflowed.  Three hours after the official start time I still had women in my living room (& cleaning the kitchen!).  It was fabulous.  Thank you to all you women who came and made this day so amazing for us all!  

*names changed
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