Tuesday, October 14, 2014

News Update: High school reunion, Instagram and Other randomness

This weekend was my 20 year high school reunion.

(Do we like the lipstick or is it too bright?)

At some point I may do a post about that, but for now let's just say it was fun and leave it at that.  It was really nice to catch up with a few friends from childhood (so to Karen and LeeAnn especially I loved talking with you)!  I also got to hang out with my oldest childhood friend who I wrote about in the first Friendship post (here).

Funny enough though, I ended up spending a large chunk of time talking to two people who weren't in my class at all.  One gal was a "bride" of the high school quarterback. They didn't have kids and she is in her 20's (so she was Gracie's age when we graduated high school - gasp).  The second beautiful young woman I met in the bathroom and had a nice heart to heart with as well.  She too was early to mid 20's, no kids. So why am I picking up random young women in the bathroom and bringing them to my reunion to chat with? My judgement was probably influenced by the margaritas. And I only met one of them in the bathroom. But I am mentioning it here, because of what they both said.

Instagram is the way to go. 

One of them said Facebook was too intrusive.

Now, young, childless women in their 20's are not my target audience.  I blog about family and faith and science.

But why shouldn't they be reading.  The scientist in me knows that the more someone knows about a subject the more they realize they don't know. The converse is true as well.  When we don't know anything about something (being a parent) we often think we know a WHOLE lot.

No one seems to know how to raise kids better than people without kids right?

But how many of us wish we knew a little more about what we were getting 
ourselves into before we had kids?

So, I am casting a wider net and I have been muddling my way through Instagram. Facebook is still my main place to spread blog news, but if you want to follow me on Instagram now you now can. I am


Creative. I know.  I wanted you to be able to find me.  And I didn't want to forget my name.  I have three pictures posted. Two were there from before. Apparently I tried this once before a few years ago and did forget.

Oh, and as of now I have ONE follower (from before).

I really don't know what I am doing there, but I wanted to let my faithful readers know I have a presence somewhere else in the cyber-world now.  It is just photos.  Not writing.  If you are on Instagram check it out and let me know if I am doing things right over there.

Also, if you have been getting the Blessed is She devotions,  and are willing to fill out a survey,  you can do that here. It is super short and sweet and I would be so thankful. The administrators are trying to get a gauge on how it is working for everyone.  Compared to my one follower on Instagram, the Blessed is She group has a bazillion followers so even if you don't read it everyday please consider taking the quick survey. I am working on my November posts for them so even though I am not writing a ton for you here this month, please know I am working for you elsewhere!

Lastly, the podcast.  Thank you to all of you who have downloaded the podcast.  Hopefully you were able to do it easily and enjoyed. Part 3 comes this Friday. If you only hear one of these sessions you want to listen to Part 3!  It will be the best.

Part Two is still available (here)

As is 

Part One (here)

Look for your Thursday Theorist this week!  I am working on that now!

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