Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Friendship Part One

I have been having a hard time writing lately due to life logistics.  Tonight I am writing when I have absolutely no business writing.   The kids have 1.5 days left of school before summer vacation so it has been crazy busy, it is late at night, I am exhausted after a emotionally draining (but awesome) women's group and a physically draining day.  But writing is a way of clarifying and processing for me, so here I find myself, drawn to the computer, compelled to put thoughts into words, into print.

I had lunch today with my sister, and also with my best friend from childhood.  I hadn't seen my friend in years and we hadn't really connected in many more years.  This is us with my little brother before church Easter Sunday in 6th grade.  I know we look awesome huh? I am puzzled a bit why my BFF and I are dressed so nicely (give me a break -it is like 1987) and my brother looks like he is wearing gym shorts with that pink polo.  That couldn't have been in style.

I am also realizing now how few photos we have of our own childhood given how many we take of our own kids now! This photo never would have been downloaded now-a-days because her eyes are shut but that is the ONLY one we have from that day.

Getting back on track… I was worried at first about bringing my naughty Anna along - she has been having a rough go the last week or so.  My sister was able to leave her kids at home so I figured 3:1 was pretty good odds.

But before our lunch today I found myself walking through Target trying to find shelf paper, while Anna WAILED "I want frozen", and huge dears dropped from her cheeks.  And the whole while I was thinking about the upcoming lunch and how my friend was really going to see my lift FOR REAL.

I had mixed feelings about that.

But she didn't see real life because Anna was a doll and then she fell asleep on the bench while we talked.

For three hours.  

No, she isn't sick.

I don't remember the last time I just sat and talked with ANYONE for three hours.

And it was just like it was when we were kids.  But even better.  Really. There are certain people, where no matter how long it has been, you are able to just pick up the friendship and move forward.  I am blessed to have a few friends like that.  And those people are such a gift.  I didn't know if it was going to be like with with her, but it was.  And I gained a new/old friend as we reconnected today.

So tonight before bed I am giving thanks to The Almighty for those friends.  For my friends and yours. Those people who know you, who love you, who don't judge you or hold your errors against you, who realize that ANY time together is  a gift - because it is a gift!

Good night and thanks for stopping by!
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