Thursday, March 5, 2015

Catholic Conference 4 Moms

Shortly after I started blogging, my friend Molly, who had recently moved away to Minnesota, emailed me to ask if I knew of any Catholic Women's Conferences, or any Catholic Conferences for Mothers that were national or online.  I was really new to the cyber-world and didn't know of anything like that although there maybe have been such conference.  But now I know about one! Rather than just emailing Molly to let her know, I figured I would do a very short PSA of sorts.

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is one that is done online.You can register up until March 5th.   When it goes live, you get an email link to the talks.   You choose 5-6 talks each day to listen to at your leisure.  The next day you get more talks.  And so it goes for the 4 days of the conference.  Registration literally took 5 seconds. You put you name and email address and zip code.  That is all.  If you missed the March 5th deadline, you can purchase the talks  (here) after the conference and watch them on your schedule.  Be sure to enter the coupon code 'peer' and you will get $10 off the package.

What if I want to listen to it again later or watch more talks?

After the conference ALL the talks are available to purchase as a bundle.  You can watch other talks, you can re-watch your favorites, you can get a women's group together for coffee and watch one - what ever.  They are yours.  You paid for them.

Why do it?
Why not?  You are busy but we all have 24 hours in the day.  So register and see what time God is going to make for you to set aside and grow a little.  Connect a little.  If it stinks… move on to the next talk.  Maybe one will really resonate with you.  And most days all I really can handle is one big thought anyway!

My women's group has been slowly making our way through the ThriveMoms presentations.  They are similar online presentations but without the Catholic voice.  We watch one as a group and then talk about it.  It has been very through provoking and also a great way to grow deeper as a group.  Some talks resonate with me, others not so much - but each of them have touched one of us in a unique way.

Make the most of your 'free time' this weekend and check out the Catholic Conference 4 Moms - then let me know what you liked!  I will be tuning in with you, in between soccer games and meal preparations!

Thanks for stopping by!
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