Thursday, June 12, 2014

Short and Sweet: How to be Rockstar of a Dad

Be a good husband.  Your first role as a dad is to model what it means to be a man.  Being a man means taking responsibility for yourself and others.   The best way to show this every day is by taking care of your wife's physical, emotion, and spiritual well-being.  And she should take care of you as well.  In marriage we die to ourselves to serve our spouse. The two become one.  

In every interaction with your spouse you show your children- 

1. how they should act towards others, and 

2. how they should expect to be treated by others.  

The legacy of love you leave for your children, the example you set of loving your wife, will pave the way for their success in all aspects of life.  So love them and love her. 

Really, it is that simple.

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