Thursday, May 8, 2014

Answer Me This: On becoming my mother, playing piano and more

Kendra, over at Catholic All Year,  has a fun little series called Answer Me This.  So I took on a new challenge to see if I could figure out how to link up with her series.  She poses the questions then we all answer them. A writer at heart I wrote it all up but then being a complete non-tech person I didn't actually figure out how to link it up.  Failure.  But since I had written it all I decided to just post it here for you.   This is an unusual post for me so don't get used to it… but I hope you enjoy.  As you read I hope that you will ask your self the same questions...

1. Are you becoming your mother?
Yes and No.   People like to say that daughters grow up to be like their mothers or opposite their mothers.  I don't think that is really true. I think that we learn from them but we have our own gifts and talents and dreams and we grow throughout our lives as mothers just as they continue to grow.  I love my mother and she is a great role model. I do look a lot like her.  Here she is on her wedding day full of smiles.


I would like to say that I am her in all the good ways… but maybe that isn't completely honest.
 She has always been an optimist and I love that about her. I aspire to be more like her in that way.  I definitely feel compassion for her now that I have my own kids. She made it look pretty easy and I don't think my kids are harder than my brother and sister and I were.  I see myself trying to achieve balance between serving selflessly and becoming a martyr-maid figure in the lives of my children and I think my mom also struggled with that to some extent - don't we all?  She has helped impart wisdom on the topic at least.   I think more importantly than how similar we are, is the fact that I am becoming my mother's friend and vice-versa.  I would rather be her friend than be her clone.  She is awesome.  I wasn't her friend growing up but now that we are both adults it is fun to develop a friendship. 

2. Coffee or tea?
Both.  I love ice-tea.  I drink coffee in the am and hot tea before bed at night.  I take my coffee a variety of ways but like my tea just plain tea.  No caffeine for me with either.  It gives me wicked migraines. 

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?
Any of them. I know that seems like a cop-out but really I would go anywhere if given the chance.  I would love to see the Holy Land, I would love to see Spain. I would love to go to Italy again and see the old church and relics because I wasn't Catholic when I was there in college.  I would love to see Eastern Europe and although I was in Russia in High School,  I would love to see more of that country (although not now… maybe next decade). I would love to see South America.  My sister-in-law is from Brazil so I really hope to see that country sometime soon!  We tend to travel only to places where we can see friends or family.  Luckily we have family on the coast so usually out trips include beach time.

This summer we will hopefully travel with friends someplace more exotic.

4. Do you cry easily?
Yes.  Next question. 

5. How often do you wear heels?
After my recent injury not often at all.  I actually wore heels for the first time for my husband's 40th birthday party last week and was so excited!  Legs just really do look better in heels.  I am going to have to reserve them for special occasions I think from here on out.  I love a good pair of flip-flops.  Not the fancy looking kind, but one with some arch support and squishy soles. And boots are a must for that 6-8 weeks in the winter.  I have a minor boot obsession.

6. Do you play an instrument?
Piano. I grew up playing and took lessons from childhood to college.  I was pretty good but I am not a perfectionist so that makes it hard to be a really good pianist. My eldest is playing now and he really will be much better than I ever was.  I started out teaching him just to make sure he was serious about wanting to learn.  Music lessons are too expensive to mess around with if they aren't willing to practice.  This photo is him at his recital this past week. I love it.   I love the shoes and sock especially.  His feet are so big and growing so fast that I just can't bring myself to buy him dress shoes.  It would be a battle to get him to wear them anyway.

I started out teaching him just to make sure he was serious about wanting to learn.  Music lessons are too expensive to mess around with if they aren't willing to practice.

I liked playing mostly because it got me out of doing the after dinner chores.  I would practice while my brother and sister cleaned up dinner.  It wasn't fair, but it got me to practice.  Now anytime I sit down to play I end up with a child in my lap or one tinkering on the keys along side me.  And I have a horrible memory so memorizing pieces was torture. I do love to play a little chopin now and then... I really prefer to sing.  I love to sing. Really love it.

And that is all the questions.  Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a little comment and let me know you were here.

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