The Parent's Bookshelf

One of the things that most new parents especially love to do is get parenting books.  I am often asked to recommend a good parenting book and that is really a tough endeavor.  Motherhood is an art, a calling, a vocation.  The answers to your struggles and problems are often NOT found in books, but rather are found in prayer.  That said, the practical aspect of parenting can be influenced beneficially through a little research.  I think every parent should read and read and read.  Reading is data gathering, and you never know when you are going to need that data.   Here are my favorites - the ones that have remained on my shelves and earned their space.  They aren't perfect and you may disagree with some advice, but reading parenting books isn't like reading a recipe book.  Just read, digest, and file away the information for future use.  Some of these titles are by awesome researchers like Coles and Goleman and Brazelton.  Sears is a father of many and a pediatrician - his work is a MUST for new parents.  Dobson, Stull, and Popcak both provide books that help Christian parents specifically.  Other titles like How to Raise a Gentleman  and 52 Things  are light and provide just good common sense.


52 Things Kids Need from a Mom (Thomas)
Beyond the Birds and the Bees (Popcak)
Bringing up Boys (Dobson)
Coach Mom: & Strategies for organizing your family into an all-start team (Stull)
How to Raise a Gentleman (West)
Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child (Gottman)
Raising Your Spirited Child (Kurcinka)
Revolutionary Parenting (Barna)
Super Parenting (Maxwell et al)
Teaching your Children Values (Eyre)
The Birth Order Book (Leman)
The Baby Book (Sears and Sears)
The Heart of Parenting (Gottman)
The Irreducible Needs of Children (Brazelton and Greenspan)
The Moral Intelligence of Children (Coles)
Touchpoints (Brazelton)
Working with Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)
Becoming Parents (Feeney, Hohaus, Noller and Alexander)

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