Sunday, October 25, 2015

Making Your Home Your Own

I stopped cooking dinner and baking for the church bake sale to write this post.  I write in my head regularly, but rarely stop what I am doing to write things down.  I made an exception tonight. The boys are playing, Gracie is at a friends, Anna is taking a contraband nap, and my husband is fixing stuff.  In the rare quiet, I turned on some music (Audrey Assad if you must know) and I just took a deep breath.  Her voice makes my heart smile and warms my soul. I can manage most anything if I can have some good music. If fills the house with a peace and calm.

Before I got married I had visions of what my life would be.  Pretty unrealistic of course.  Then came the ring, the puppy, the kids and the home.  Over the last 15 years I have slowly made our house(s) home, not just for our kids, but also for my husband.  I fold his shirts the way his mother used to 'because they fit better in the drawer" and try to make sure I have some of his and the kids favorite foods and drinks. But as another birthday passes for me, and as we get into the thick of another school year and soccer season, I am finding it more important than ever for me to make our house a home for ME too.  I am not just a bystander in this family - I am purposefully knitting together lives within the walls of this home.

As I look at the house my husband and I are making into a home, we want it to be a place of love and security and comfort.  We want it to be a place where each of us feels at peace.  In striving to make that for others however, we need to make sure we add those touches for ourselves too.  Some women excel at this, others spend their energy meeting the endless demands of others without taking the time to just put on that favorite playlist, light that favorite candle, or slip into those comfy pants.

Having a home is so much more than just the look, although that is a huge part for me. Our homes are a reflection of who were are and the difference between a house and home has to do with personal identity and comfort.  Having a home means providing a space that gives comfort where the senses are touched in a personal way.  The physical feel of the home - the softness of the furniture, the air temperature, the sheets  -those all awaken the tactile sense.  The look and placement of things. Is it cluttered or tidy? Do you like a lot of visual stimulation or are you a minimalist? Do you like what you see?  The smell of fresh laundry or food simmering in the kitchen, or of that special candle that you just can't live without.  And sound! For me it is special music, for others it may be the sound of the kids playing or the TV playing in the background. And lastly, taste.  Food is a staple for almost any social interaction. The table brings us together as we share our meals and the details of the day. Good food relaxes and comforts.

Is there something that you can do to make your house more 'yours'?  Maybe it is taking a break from your demands to light a candle and say a prayer.  Maybe it means turning on a favorite movie while you fold the laundry or listening to a great podcast while you sort the mail. Maybe it means making a splurge on flowers (my weakness!) or some good sheets for your own bed this time.  Let's get comfortable in our own homes!

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