Monday, June 22, 2015

How to Raise a Reader

Four quick and easy tips on 
developing a love for reading

Model reading

The most effective way to raise a reader is simply by being one yourself. Don't feel guilty about bringing a paperback to the park, or to the doctors office, or sitting down to read for a while on the weekend. Let your kids see they reading is worthwhile, enjoyable, and valuable.

Let them pick their books  

I hate Barbie and princesses... But my 1st grader loves them.  When we needed to really motivate her to take that next step in reading alone we took a trip to the library and found all the Barbie and Disney princess books we could find. She is tearing through them now.  JR likes nonfiction and comic-book style fiction, but not novels.  Anthony loves a good novel. Let them find the right style for them and encourage it.  Same goes for method of reading. I don't like electronic stuff but that is just because I love books. If your kids will read on a kindle then let them do it.   

Don't turn down a quick story 

A easy reader story take just a few minutes.  If your kids bring you a book (even if it is a Barbie book), make time for that story. I was able to follow this practice easily until I had 4 kids- now it is a but harder. But whatever your schedule, show your kids that reading is a good way to connect with you and a great way for them to get your attention for a little while.

Share stories even after they can read themselves 

You do this two ways. First by continuing to read to them after they have developed their skills. Find some good read aloud books and just keep the bedtime story a part of your routine. For a while we did 1:1 time. I would read a book and the. Gracie would read a book.  I read to JR as often as our schedule will permit it although it isn't as often as I want. But it is time for just the two of us which if lovely!  Secondly, once they are really developed readers, read some of the same materials.
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