Sunday, June 7, 2015

Catholic All Year: The Triumphant Return of Answer Me This!

Catholic All Year: The Triumphant Return of Answer Me This!

Kendra at Catholic All Year is hosting a link up entitled Answer Me This.  It is a great chance to share a little personally and get to know other bloggers as well. I tried it once before and didn't do so well…but the summer is a great chance to try again!  I will be trying to join her so look for it as a new Summer Sunday Series and I hope you enjoy!

1. Any big plans for the summer?

London is calling.  Last year we planned a great escape - well sort of.  We got passports and looked at plane tickets.  That was as far as it got.  Prices were crazy and we just couldn't make the dream materialize.  So we made it a little trip to California instead.  The beach was awesome, the kids were great, and the company fantastic.  Following that trip, we recommitted to trying to make it over the pond for a grown-up getaway.  And BINGO!  We scored the right tickets for the rights price and we are outta here come July.  We are only gone for less than a week but really how long can we leave our kiddos at this point?  Oh and that thing called a job.

The kids were feeling really neglected so we found another place on the beach and we are going to all go on a little trip soon. I am so ready to get out of this AZ heat (already!!).

2. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

That my stuffed animals came alive at night.  But really that isn't weird. Don't all kids believe that? They protected me while I slept. I used to line them up on the foot of my bed.

3. What is your favorite amusement park ride? 
(can be a specific one at a specific park or just a type of ride)

Roller coasters.  Is there any other kind? We haven't taken the kids to Disneyland yet, but I am really excited about roller coaster-ing with them. This next year I think we will take the Disney plunge.  The boys love coasters already and I know Anna will because she is such a daredevil already.  I think Gracie will be able to hang with us too once she hits the height and weight limits.

4. What's on your summer reading list?

I am currently reading Love Does. It is awesome.  I generally need some novels too however.  I would love to read Chesterton's Father Brown series because I am obsessed with the TV show, but I haven't been able to find them at the library. If it isn't carried at the library or Costco, I generally don't read it.  I am all about convenience.

5. Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

I generally can't fall asleep anywhere BUT the last few times I have gone for reflexology I have conked out. Seriously. ZZZZZZZ…. Twice I have woken myself up snoring. Totally embarrassing. 

6. What is your favorite smell?

Jasmine blooming & orange blossoms are probably my top two scents.  My college had a plethora of Orange trees and when they bloomed the whole campus smelled delightful!

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