Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The first reading for today ends with the phrase

"His dwelling shall be glorious".

The advent journal I have from Blessed is She poses the questions :

"How is God's dwelling physically different than ours? 

How do we imitate His?"

It is a beautiful thing to reflect upon so I wanted to share my reflection with you and hope you will share yours as well below in the comments.  

My first reaction is "God's dwelling is perfect in every way".  Doesn't it have to be?

When I look around at my physical dwelling place, I see all the mess.  I don't see the beauty.  I see my son's shoes on the floor in the kitchen, rather than the gift of having healthy and energetic children.  I see toys spread out, rather than seeing bounty when others have little.  I see clothes that need to be folder and put away rather than recognizing another chance to be thankful that I always have adequate ways of clothing my family.  I see dishes that need to be washed, when I should see an opportunity to give praise that in our home no one goes to be hungry.  

God's dwelling place is perfect - and He physically dwells in me every time I take the eucharist, so then aren't we too perfect in our imperfections?

How do we imitate His dwelling place? Maybe by reinterpreting what we see.   Don't look for the faults in our physical space or in our own bodies.  See the beauty and grace that surrounds us. 

Thanks for stopping by!
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