Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Four little things I learned while I was sick

I really thought that I had more sense than to get sick. Taking care of one sick kid, or even two at once is okay.  It gives us the chance to shine (in a twisted way) as mammas.  Mamma is the “only one” who can do it “just right” when a child is sick.  I still want my mamma when I get sick.  

But being sick yourself is rotten- not just because of how you feel, but also because when you live a life of service- people miss you when you are out. 

After my run of a virus this month,  here are 5 little things I have learned while being sick:

1. Anyone can put food on the table, but it takes a mom to put together MEAL.  
First night "back"- grape tomatoes, steamed spinach, canned green beans, roasted chicken from Costco. It wasn't gourmet & it wasn't even all homemade, but the kids were literally arguing over who got more spinach. Our bodies crave goodness.  Spaghetti alone works for a few nights, but not for many!  I am super thankful to have a husband who is competent in the kitchen, and to have a SIL who came to the rescue one night, but it was awesome to see they actually missed vegetables!  

2. The gym can be your med-spa. If you are lucky enough to have a gym membership with childcare USE it. You are paying for it anyway. Sauna was just as good as a Netti-pot for clearing those sinuses. Take a nice hot shower. Loosen those muscles in the hot tub. Just remember your bathing suit. I forgot my suit bottoms so that didn’t happen.  It was a short trip but I got a good steam and a good shower so it was really worth getting out of the house.

3. One day of illness for mom = 3 days for normal people. That doesn't mean we recover faster- it just means if we have been sick for a day it SEEMS like we hand been sick for 3. Three days ill is almost a week, and beyond that is "mom has been sick forever".  I am moving into that space soon...

4. Your family will cope, remarkably well while you are laid up, but they will miss you desperately. Having mom back to make dinner, help pack lunches, or to remind them to bring a sweater is really wonderful. They won't necessarily voice their gratitude but it comes through in their hugs. 

Praying you all stay healthy this winter ~ Thanks for stopping by!
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