Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Blessed is She" Begins

A few years back, a priest told me that I should be carving out an hour of time in my day just for God.  For scripture, for meditation, for prayer, for Him.  An hour.  Are you kidding me?  As a pregnant mom with 3 little children, I told him it was just not realistic.  I couldn't get 2 minutes to pee in peace let alone an hour?

The last time I "read" the bible seriously was about 9 years ago and I didn't get as far as I would have liked.  It isn't that I don't want to… God has put that desire in my heart.  It isn't that I don't think it is important… I long to know Christ through the scripture.  I just don't seem to be able to consistently get it done.  Laundry and lunches and spills and runny noses seem to trump The Good Book as it sits patiently, quietly, calling me.  I know it is a failing in my discipline, but that knowledge doesn't seem to help me much.

So my new solution is...

"Blessed is She" is a new, free, online devotional, inspired by the Holy Spirit and put in to play by Catholic women across the country.  The writers are a mix of singer/songwriters, bloggers, authors, stay-home-moms and professional women alike.  I am honored to be counted as one of them.

What has got me (and hundreds of other readers!) so excited about this project, is the ease with which these devotions will be spread.  Sign up (here) and when it goes live on Sept 1st, you will start receiving the devotionals in your email inbox.  You will get
the daily readings, followed by a short devotional to help you apply the word of God to your daily living.  I can read these devotionals on my phone as I wait for my sons soccer practice to wrap up, or I can read them first thing in the morning as I lay in bed waiting for the world to wake up.   If the day has been so filled with life that I haven't taken the time to focus on God, when I plug in my phone before bed I can bring up the devotional, read through it all, and contemplate the subject while I doze off to sleep.

So I challenge you today.  What roll does scripture play in your daily living? If you are looking for more ways to connect and grow with our Lord then sign up.

It is free.

It is easy.

And it may just be life changing!

To sign up go here.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest.

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