Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

We reached a new milestone this year - 
the Daddy Daughter Dance.

I new it would happen some day but I put it off as long as I could.  

Admission time- I put it off.  

I could have let them both know about this secret event held every year, but I didn't tell.   I knew they would both have fun.  They could have gone when she was a preschooler even though it is really for the K+ crowd. And they would both have fun.  So this year they went and had a wonderful time.  Which got me wondering why I didn't suggest they go earlier.  
I think it is because I felt left out...

I am at home with the girls a few nights a week while Hubby does soccer stuff with our sons.  Last season it was 4 nights as week.  This summer and fall it will thankfully be just 2 nights.  

I try to encourage that because it is healthy for us ALL.  My husband is awesome about me also getting some alone time on the other nights.  And I love my girl time with the little ladies.  But at 2 and 5 they can be a handful.   Our 'quality time' is almost always at home, during the after school or witching-hours, as I am trying to help with homework and cook and bathe and get ready for bed.    

It can be easy to fall into a martyrdom mentality - I am 'stuck at home' while he gets to go do the fun stuff.  That is not only inaccurate but unhealthy. 

But this night, something surprising happened - I had a wonderful time too!  I stayed at home with the boys and the baby and it was  amazing.  Having the boys to myself without Gracie was a treat.  I promised them fun night and we ordered take-out Chinese (which we NEVER do because my husband doesn't like it and Gracie can't eat). 

We ate in the living room while we watch a movie (gasp! yes I did something radical & fun), and we even ate out of one-anothers containers.

And then the little lady came home with stories of chocolate fountains and carriage rides and dancing with her father.  And it was perfect, and beautiful, and wonderful.  And I can't wait for it to happen again! 

Leave me a note… your thoughts or your experiences … Do you ever feel left out of the fun? 

Do you do 'dates' with your little ones? 

What is your favorite special time to share with your kids?

Thanks for stopping by!
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