Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dr Mom Answers Again… Go To Marriage Tips

Last week while I was on my adventure vacation, I had to privilege of being featured again on A Mama Collective.    Fitting that the topic was GoTo Marriage Tips given that this week we celebrated our Wedding Anniversary.

For our anniversary this year we had dinner and then did spontaneously something new.  We each offered to work on something that we know bothers the other one.  After 14 years of marriage you KNOW when you are bothering your spouse. You don't have to ask or be told.   So my area was 'not putting stuff away'.  Now here is the thing, if I had said "what bothers you - okay I will work on that" it wouldn't have worked.  Instead I said "honey, I know it bugs you when I leave my stuff laying around.  Starting today I am going to really be conscious of putting my stuff away.  When I don't want to do it I am going to do it anyway as a gift to you".  See it came from ME - not from HIM.  I am choosing to do this for our marriage.  He then offered something up as well and neither of us got defensive or felt put out.  It was really cool.

So anyway, if you missed the Q/A it please check it out.  It is never too late to leave a comment or start a conversation!  If you have a question you want addressed let them know over at the collective and they will pass it on to me OR you can always leave it in the comment section.

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