Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Growing Together in Christ with Blessed is She

About once a month I send you all a lovely little Facebook message to let you know I am the writer of the day for Blessed is She.  Blessed is She is the online community that sends the daily reading and devotional to your inbox while you sleep each night. I love Blessed is She because it has allowed me, for the first time really, to get into a routine of reading God's word daily.  Behind the scenes as a writer, it has been amazing to get to know 50 or so powerhouse Catholic women who work as writers or editors or graphic artists or photographers.

Jenna, our founder and creative director, wants our Blessed is She community to grow in depth not just numbers, so she is working with the writers to create webinars now too. Bonnie Engstrom will be giving the first webinar on July 12th on the topic of Building Intentional Communities. I love this idea because it will give the readers a chance to start engaging with the writers and one another in real time albeit still over the web.  I will be hosting a session on Intentional Parenting in December and there will be various topics at least once a month for paid subscribers.

Yes, I used that word. Paid subscribers.  In order to grow the community we need to have a consistent revenue source.  People say the web is free but it really actually isn't when you have a web presence as large as BIS.  For $9.99 a month or $99 a year you get the monthly (or more) webinars, plus we will send you the Advent and Lent journals automatically shipped to your door.  No more having to order them before the season starts (and find your purse and type in all those numbers).  Just sign up once and you will have access to everything.

Side note: If you haven't actually been to the site you should just check it out. They have some really beautiful stuff in their store too!

I hope you will join me in joining the Blessed is She community and together we will continue to grow in Christ.  Click here to join! 

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