Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Answer me this: My Dependable Dad

Building on last weeks Answer-me-this from Catholic All Year we have the Father's Day Edition.  Thanks for Kendra for hosting us in this fun link-up.  Be sure to check out the other answers to her great questions.

What is the best thing about your dad?
He is dependable. If he says he will be somewhere or do something he will.  He is wont get sick, or hurt, or forget, or change his mind, or flake out.  He will be there when you need him to be there.  I remember my grandmother hugging him at my grandfather’s funeral. She was pretty wrecked and she just leaned into him and turned to me.  She said “your dad is so dependable”. Even though that was 20 years ago the comment she made really stuck with me. 

What is the best thing about my kid’s father?
His love is so transparent in his actions. He loves to be with the kids and I.  Even when they (dare I say we) are a challenge… he doesn’t seem to need alone time, or away time. He just wants to be with us. 

What’s the best advice your dad ever gave you?
Keep the rifle butt tight against our shoulder when you shoot… or maybe to get a big bucket handy when I take apart the plumbing under the sink… or it could be his advice to always make sure you bring all the tools to the project at the start of the project…or to butter and toast both sides of a grilled cheese sandwich…I really could go on forever here.  My dad was/is full of practical advice. 

What’s something you have in common with your dad?
Peanut butter and spies.  I am a creamy peanut butter kind of girl and I love a good spy novel just like my dad.  I also would say we both like to keep busy. He always has a crazy number of different projects in motion and I too seem to have so much that I want to do!

What’s the manliest thing you know how to do?
Unclog a sink? Change a tire?  Lay a hardwood floor? Do those count? Just don’t tell anyone. I would rather not do those things!

Who is your favorite fictional dad?
I don’t really have one I don’t think.  I am really good at data-dumping fictional stuff. I read it or watch it and enjoy it, but then I don’t retain the characters or even frequently the plot.  One of my favorite characters in all of fiction is Jean Val Jean from Les Miserables.  He is a foster-adoptive father to I guess he would qualify.  Really my own dad is pretty much the stuff of legends so not even the fictional world can compare. 

Thanks for stopping by to think with me!
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