Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blog Expectations for 2015

I am not one for New Years resolutions.  We are almost into the third week of January and I wonder about all those folks who have already forgotten their resolutions for this year!   I think that if something is worth doing you should just do it.  That said, I am a huge fan of intentionality, so logically I can not be a critic of resolutions because I think they drive more intentional behavior.  I just don't do my own resolutions. 

As I look out in the blogging world I see the landscape is filled with some pretty cool ideas for New Year blog posts.  Year in Review stuff like my Mosts Posts, but also 'resolution' type posts too.  The one that stuck with me the most was a post about the importance of setting your readers expectations for the year.  I write for you so really you are my boss.  This post therefore is like a little 1:1 where I get to tell you what I hope to do, and then you can comment in response!

First, regarding comments.  I have been really disappointed that my blog doesn't drive more comments because I really think that what you have to say is as important as what I have to say.  That said, I can see that I have a decent number of readers out there - I just don't seem to get much back-and-forth.  

Then I read that comments are actually a fading 'fad' in blogging. So really, I like to think that I must be cutting edge now (rather than thinking that I am failing in this area!).  Apparently, the online discourse has moved to social media.  So there may be quite a lot of buzz about a post, but it takes place outside of the original blog posts (and away from the author).  For bloggers who tweet or post on Pinterest or Instagram they have discussions there too, but it often doesn't take place on the actual blog.  I also understand that my blog is a pain because you have to log in.  I am working on that.  

But what does that mean for me this year.  Basically, I am not going to worry about the comments/or lack of comments.  I am just going to write the best content I can and let you all share and discuss as you like. I always welcome comments of course because I really do want to stay engaged in the conversation, but I won't stress about it any more. 

Secondly, as a new blog I have taken this first 10 months or so to get my feet wet.  I have had some help from many blogging friends and am going to continue to make little tweaks here or there to may my page easier to view and navigate.  Feel free to comment on any post if you have ideas or frustrations about the page. I often see it only as an administrator and so if there is something tough in how it loads to a mobile device for instance I won't know unless you tell me. So open door policy. Tell me if there are any problems.

Third, I am going to focus on more quality content and networking with some other good bloggers for guest posts.  That may mean I post elsewhere a few times, or I may have guest on this blog. There is a great network of catholic women bloggers that I would love to introduce you to. 

Next, I am going to finish off some post series.  I have done a few Part A posts and not done the Part B posts.  I did one on being a Mother-in-law but didn't yet do the daughter-in-law post.  I did one on friendship that needs some follow up as well.  And I still owe you all a post on eating vegetables.  I haven't forgotten. It is coming. I even have a photo or two for that post.

(Almost) finally, I am not going to worry about my numbers, but I do want to encourage you to share your favorite posts of mine through whatever social media you use.  Sharing my content helps me to build my readership.  I really see my writing as a ministry, so sharing even non-religious posts helps others to get familiar with my page and may get them reading other most faith-based stuff as well. 

Lastly, a little while ago I came across a wonderful idea of setting a "Word of the Year".  I caught the idea from my friend Jenna over at a mama collective (also the brains behind Blessed is She that awesome online devotional for which I write!).  She explained that she sets a word of the year to really focus on. So I am up to that challenge and sharing it with you as a way of helping me stay accountable.  My word for 2015:


That is my word.  I know that I have kindness in my heart (most of the time) but I don't always have it in my tone of voice.  I have been increasingly disturbed to hear echoes of my tone and even harsh words, come from my oldest child's voice. So the time is now to fix this situation and be sure that I am speaking kindness and practicing kindness all year long.  

Values are caught, not taught after all and our children are little sponges soaking up all that they see and hear from us.  

So that wraps it up.  If there is anything you want to see from me this year, message me on Facebook or leave me a comment below (or after any post really). I get those straight to my email so I can reply! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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